TASERCON - More Than a Training Opportunity

August 17, 2022
“TASERCON is a first-of-its-kind training conference focused on the whole officer — not just on-the-job tools and tactics.” - Andy Wrenn, Head of Axon Training

TASERCON offers four training and development tracks to facilitate officer growth:

Attendees will learn strategies for achieving higher performance, stronger community bonds, and greater long-term impact.

They’ll also experience new tools and technologies, hands-on professional development, certification courses, and raw discussions around the biggest challenges facing public safety today — and tomorrow.

What Training is Available?

TASERCON utilizes hands-on training, professional development and certifications. TASERCON offers four training and development tracks to facilitate officer growth:

  1. Core TASERCON Conference Curriculum, with access to all sessions and conference experiences
  2. Body-Worn Camera (BWC) Certification, an add-on with an extra day to finish the additional certification
  3. Master Instructor School (MIS), newly reimagined and running simultaneously during TASERCON; students will get the opportunity to experience a selection of the core conference sessions and experiences
  4. Legal Defense Strategies and Partnerships, with sessions tailored for attorneys who are tasked with advising and defending agencies that use TASER energy weapons in the field.

The cost of attending TASERCON varies depending on the training options added to the core curriculum, but, no matter which options attendees choose, TASERCON will build de-escalation skills, muscle memory, mind mapping tactics and community engagement abilities that save lives.

TASERCON Core Conference Sessions: Protecting Life, Improving Performance and Building Connections

One of the primary benefits of attending TASERCON is the unique session offerings. This year, TASERCON will feature over 35 +sessions from more than 25+ speakers and coaches from every branch of public safety. Sessions are divided into three primary tracks:

Protect Life - This track applies to protecting both physical and mental health. In these sessions, you’ll receive actionable advice on keeping your communities and yourself safe, with topics ranging from officer wellness to officer suicide. Session titles include:

  • Leadership - Marine Maxims
  • Surviving the First Three Seconds
  • Vital Signs: How to Increase Officer Vitality and Decrease Burnout

Higher Performance - What really separates the good from the great? In this track, learn expert tips for performing at your best, with sessions ranging from TOPGUN learnings to training your body for combat. Sessions titles include:

  • 5 Lessons I Learned from TOPGUN School
  • We're Only Human: Human Factors in Law Enforcement
  • The Future Is Yours: Training the Next Generation of Law Enforcement Instructors

Social Connection - We’re all humans. Better outcomes start with a better understanding of each other. In this track, learn more about the symbiotic relationship between law enforcement and the communities served. Sessions titles include:

  • Apply Yourself: Law Enforcement Recruitment and Retention
  • 30 x 30: How More Women Officers Can Help America's Policing Crisis
  • Back to the Future: The Evolution of the TASER Energy Weapon from the Past to the Future

Legal - Approximately 90% of law enforcement agencies in the United States use TASER energy weapons as a use of force tool. This track prepares attorneys to advise and defend agencies that use TASER energy weapons in the field. Session titles include:

  • Defending Taser Cases
  • Effective Use of Experts and Cross-Examination in TASER Energy Weapon Cases
  • Developing Appropriate Department Policy & Training Around the Use of TASER Energy Weapons

Keep an eye out! More speakers will be announced as we approach the event. Visit our website to see the most up-to-date list of speakers and sessions.

Speaker Highlight

M. Quentin Williams


"Dedication to Community”


M. Quentin Williams is the founder and CEO of Dedication to Community (D2C), the national nonprofit he established in 2012. Quentin’s career in law, professional sports and leadership consulting culminates in D2C, which delivers skills-building workshops and ongoing forums to improve understanding and build relationships in communities through healing, reconciliation and unity. D2C experts work with government agencies and the private sector on diversity, belonging and equity, and advise on critical issues in public safety and law enforcement.

An advocate, attorney and author-educator, Quentin is sought as a speaker and thought leader who draws on personal history as a former FBI agent and federal prosecutor, and in senior positions with the National Football League (NFL), Jacksonville Jaguars and National Basketball Association (NBA).”

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Axon Body-Worn Camera Certification

The Body-Worn Camera (BWC) Certification course provides an overview of the day-to-day usage of a body-worn camera with an emphasis on navigating Axon Evidence based on everyday use.

The course covers camera operations, settings, and uploading videos. Core topics include:

  • Axon Body 3 Camera nomenclature and functions
  • Body 3 Dock
  • Camera Registration
  • Axon Apps
  • Troubleshooting
  • RMA Process

The course includes hands-on training scenarios and the opportunity to teach the material back to your instructors with a coaching debrief to ensure mastery of the material. Choose this track/option when you Buy Tickets for TASERCON.

Axon Master Instructor School

The first TASER Energy Weapon Master Instructor Certification School (MIS) was hosted in Las Vegas in 2000, and, in 2023, we’re bringing it back at TASERCON – with a twist.

Axon's MIS is a 5-day program that certifies attendees for 24 months from the date of school completion. It provides instructor development and training that focuses on:

  • Energy weapon best practices
  • Weapon handling
  • De-escalation
  • Scenario-based training
  • Axon

TASERCON offers a reimagined MIS that includes electives and a new Critical Thinking Skills course. MIS registrants will have the opportunity to attend MIS the full week while also attending TASERCON afternoon sessions. Attendees that chose to attend MIS at TASERCON will also benefit from session discussions and networking opportunities.

To register for Master Instructor School at TASERCON, please click here and choose the Las Vegas, NV course.

Legal Defense Strategies and Partnerships

The TASERCON legal sessions are tailored specifically to educate and equip attorneys who are tasked with advising and defending agencies that use TASER energy weapons in the field.

Legal track attendees will also have the opportunity to completely immerse themselves in all Axon technology, including going through a TASER VR simulation and deploying a TASER energy weapon.

To register for the legal track, choose the legal option when you Buy Tickets for TASERCON.

What makes TASERCON different?

TASERCON is the only public safety conference to offer a full curriculum of training and education around saving lives, geared toward both educators, decision makers and professional development for public safety professionals.

It draws from a range of world-class experts, including police executives and trainers, police attorneys, mental health professionals and other key stakeholders in the public safety space.

TASERCON is also tech-forward and experiential, leveraging the most cutting-edge solutions to help attendees learn and connect in a new way. It is future-focused, while recognizing the people and places that got us to where we are.

TASERCON is public safety evolved - sign up today to experience the next generation of public safety training.

EARLY BIRD - Ends 10/1

• 3+ days of 45+ speeches, panels and interviews

• 3 tracks spanning the industry’s latest topics, trends and technology in officer training and performance

• 1-on-1 networking with 1,200+ attendees

• Customizable agenda

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EARLY BIRD - Ends 10/1
Conference + BWC Certification

• 1 day Body Worn Camera Certification Instructor School and related online course content

• Takes place on Monday, Jan. 23, followed by the TASERCON party

• Plus experience everything that TASERCON has to offer with an all-access conference ticket

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Master Instructor School (MIS) at TASERCON

Dates: Jan. 23-27

Are you an attorney advising and defending agencies and officers that use TASER?

TASERCON has something for you, too. 90% of law enforcement agencies in the US use TASER energy weapons as a use of force tool. Join us for 2 days of Legal sessions tailored specifically to educate and equip you on advising and defending agencies that use TASER energy weapons.

TASERCON Party: Evening of Jan. 23
Legal Sessions: Jan. 24-25
Price: $250
Registration fee is waived for attorneys employed by a public agency.

Email to register